Life is short! If you’re going to be busy, be busy doing what you love.

The Busy Birds are here to help you celebrate the little + big joys in life. Each one highlights an activity, place, profession, or passion. The more we embrace the things that fill our soul, the more we shine that happiness onto others. It's a wonderful ripple effect that starts from within. Find The busy bird that shines a light on your true Joy and Let's get busy doing what we love together!



Hi there! I am an artist, author, and lifestyle blogger. My work encourages creativity, exploration, but most importantly, doing what you love. If I'm not In my studio writing, painting, or imagining, I'm probably off with my husband exploring the deserts and mountains that surround our happy home in Bend, Oregon. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy perusing my little world of Busy Birds! (Find More info in my media kit here.)

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